About Rick Torres

Rick Torres

I grew up in Central California and was raised in a very large family. My grandfather was a grape farmer and we spent the majority of our childhood living and working on and around his grape ranch. After high school I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where I served four years.

Following my enlistment, I worked full time in the semiconductor industry and enrolled in San Jose State University, where I completed a BS Environmental Science and Urban Planning. I relocated to Clark County in 1998 and was subsequently hired by the Vancouver Police. My law enforcement career includes more than 12 years working for both the Vancouver Police Department and Clark County Sheriff’s office.

In addition to my law enforcement background, I have extensive experience in the private sector leading sales, engineering and business development departments within several global organizations. I currently work as the National Director of Sales for a global equipment company and I also own an equipment and consulting company, which has a nationwide customer base. During my private sector career, I completed an MBA in business and finance.