Public safety

Our Sheriff’s office deserves to be fully funded in order to support hiring, employee retention, ongoing training, equipment needs and other critical functions of the department. My experience in local law enforcement coupled with the relationships I have, will allow me to work collaboratively with all parties involved to ensure we have the best law enforcement agency in Washington State.

Clark County is experiencing unprecedented increases in a multitude of person and property crimes that directly affect everyone’s livability in our county. Our citizens deserve to feel safe and secure in their homes and travels around town. In addition to the rising crimes statistics, the Clark County Sheriff’s office is facing retirements and resignation at rates never seen before.

Jail upgrade

The Clark County Jail opened in 1984. Population growth combined with current jail operational models, deem our jail antiquated and overcrowded. When I started working in law enforcement in Clark County there was often talk of building a new jail, 23 years later and we are still in the same position. I will actively drive collaboration between all local stakeholders and industry experts to work on solutions to replace, relocate, or remodel our county jail. It is time to stop kicking that can down the road.

Economic development and job growth

Clark County is uniquely situated around major freeways. We have a strong and intelligent work force willing to participate in our economy. We need to promote and drive economic development that will bring diverse companies and family wage jobs to our community. As a business owner and corporate executive, I know the importance of being able to recruit and retain top employees; having a strong economic development program is one way to do that.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an issue that is one of my top priorities because it affects our entire community in one way or another, not just those who are over burdened with housing costs. The lack of affordable housing affects issues such as economic development, labor recruitment, employee retention, and quality of life. Even with a limited budget, I believe local officials can help support affordable house through specific targeted investments, zoning and development adjustments, and well thought out and very specific incentives.

Addressing homelessness

Regarding homelessness, I believe the county should partner with our adjacent cities in the county, private and public organizations, and law enforcement, to collaborate, find new solutions, while growing existing solutions, to address homeless. We are not going to build our way out of homelessness; there is a wide variety of reasons for homelessness and their needs to be a wide variety of solutions as well. We need to change our way of thinking and be open to innovative solutions, while being humble enough to learn from the successes in other parts of the country.

Land Use Management and Development

Our land use polices need to be modeled in a way that benefits all of our community, to the greatest extent possible. Growth and development are inevitable, but the process and growth objectives need to rely on current and reliable data. Community input is vital in decision making, and I will continually listen to the input of both my constituents and all the citizens of Clark County.